Young Architects Competition

Moncalieri, Métropole de Turin, Italie


Inside a valley once occupied by the Roman Empire,  a monolithic stone stands still. Gigantic, visitors turn around trying to grasp its size, weight, maybe its age. 
While amateurs and experts try to fill in the blanks, the site, situated a few meters away from the grand temple of Jupiter, gathers many other resting architectural blocks, simple in their shape yet silent since their creation. 
Man has always been the kind to tame matter. Minerals, metals, wood, etc. To make tools, to make shelter, to make art.
Villa Altissimo celebrates the stillness of those creations. The ones that didn’t make it to the temples. The ones that were left in the quarry. The ones that were interrupted by war, famine, epidemics. The ones that give us hints of what could have been. Thus we put them on display as ruins and they can become works of art.
The program is distributed inside the existing buildings and all over the site within monolithic-like structures resting on the escarpment of the land. While a clear distinction from the existing structures, the new structures assure circulation through the domain as well as the different programs of the Arts Center.
Weekenders can choose to stay in a comfortable suite inside the 1730s Villa or a modest monolithic cabin embedded in the ground. Their visit is complemented by exhibitions, artistic workshops, and performances all accessible through the secondary Tudor-style building.